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Our principal consultant Marc Hornbeek, known as “DevOps_the_Gray”, is a seasoned DevOps consultant, adviser, educator, mentor and author. Marc has performed assessments for over 50 organizations resulting in successful DevOps implementations and major improvements for those organizations. Marc is the author of the Continuous Delivery Architect certificate course and DevOps Test Engineering certificate course for, and a blogger on Specialist / expert in DevOps assessments for enterprises that desire a practical road-map to guide their DevOps transformation. Skilled with DevOps leadership, collaborative culture, Design for DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Test automation (CT), Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CD), Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS), DevOps Cloud Native and container infrastructures, automation, orchestration, Continuous Monitoring (CM), and DevSecOps.  IEEE outstanding engineer, Western USA. Senior IEEE member, 42 years. Many publications, industry events speaker, white label eBooks, blogs, webinars, white papers, pitch decks, patents.  Credentials include Executive MBA - Pepperdine U, California, B.Sc. Engineering - Queen’s U., Canada, and certifications from the DevOps Institute including DevOps Foundations, DevOps Test Engineering, Continuous Delivery Architect and DevOps Leader

DevOps Assessments

Our DevOps Consulting Services

1. DevOps Assessments services include standard and customized packages that help you determine your optimal road-map for your DevOps journey.

2. DevOps training and certifications for leaders and practitioners.  

3. DevOps content writing services for marketing and training including marketing collateral, training materials, eBooks, white papers, webinars.

4. Advisory and mentoring services for leaders that need expert advise to help them drive their organizations on a DevOps transformation.  

Why Engage Confinity Consulting?

Our credentialed DevOps consultants provide broad and deep expertise, objective advise, current industry knowledge and use unique effective assessment tools for  DevOps and Continuous Delivery services. Your in-house leaders and experts may have specific knowledge and skills, but may not have the time, broad expertise, tools or collateral materials readily available to conduct assessments, or conduct training or create DevOps content efficiently and effectively.  Our DevOps consultants  provide objective, unbiased assessments and recommendations for leadership and culture transformations that internal leaders and experts may find too sensitive to address, due to internal organization politics or boundaries.

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